Are all payroll companies the same?
Trust me - THEY ARE NOT!

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Welcome to “We will turn heaven and earth upside down to get your payroll on time every time.” Never miss another pay check.

Payroll is usually a weekly or bi weekly routine, however in those rare cases when you need immediate personal service we’ve got your back.

We offer:


Scheduling and Delivery: Preparation and delivery of payroll at your convenience with same day pick up available at our office.

Transmitting Your Payroll: Payroll may be transmitted via phone, email, fax or use our encrypted system to input your payroll.

Fair Pricing

Individual Pricing: We use individual pricing instead of bundling to insure a better value for our customers.

Price Guarantee Our prices are guaranteed for 2 years and we guarantee to be 20% lower than our competitors.


CPA's: Payroll Express services clients on a daily basis by CPA's who are experts in their field

Small Businesses: Our company meets the needs of small and medium owned businesses.

Payroll Express differs from other payroll companies:

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